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How spy tech betrays cheaters: Tech clues that give away cheating

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How to catch a cheater with spy tech

The most annoying thing about cheaters is that they are liars. With every breath they take, they feed you a false narrative that you’re supposed to buy into even though every fiber of your being is telling you that it’s wrong. It becomes a more comfortable option to mistrust your instincts. You begin lying to yourself and doubting your own reason. You begin wanting to doubt yourself.

This is the cruelest part of being married to or dating a cheater. On the surface it seems like everything is great and you’re stupid for not trusting. You’re the bitch because you’re the one making these “senseless” accusations “out of the blue.” In the back of your mind you have all the information you need to know that your husband is lying to you and that your suspicions are correct.

Now, there are certain ways that modern tech betrays cheaters. Nowadays everything that happens is recorded, so it’s much easier to catch a cheater in a lie. Cheating technology itself has expanded. There are even websites that allow your cheating husband or wife to hook up with other cheaters online like they would on a typical dating site.

While you can use your smartphone to catch cheaters, some smartphones nowadays require thumbprint verification that can be difficult to spoof, though not impossible. This article is about some of the other useful spy tech that can be used to catch a cheating spouse.

Catch a cheater with Hidden Cameras

Sometimes, literally the only thing that will get a cheater to admit what they have done is first hand evidence of the act prevented to them that they cannot lie their way out of. Hidden cameras are a perfect way to do this if you can gain access to the room they do their cheating in. For instance, you can find some spy tech online that is perfect for the task. Some spy cams look exactly like seemingly innocuous devices like alarm clocks, smoke detectors, or light bulbs, and most can be purchased for less that $100.

No matter which you prefer, one feature you’ll probably want to invest in if you want to catch a cheater using tech is motion activation. Motion activation prevents built in memory from being used up recording nothing, and likewise makes it easier to sift through recorded data.

Catch a cheater with GPS Trackers

One option if you suspect your spouse isn’t going where they say they’re going is a GPS tracker. The upside of a GPS tracker is that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. That means your smartphone or tablet can help you keep tabs if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. Most of them are small enough to go unnoticed or can be easily placed in locations that no one would think to check.

Catch a cheater with Spy Tech for Computers and Cellphones

This might be the best option available to you. Devices like the Paraben iPhone recovery stick can recover voicemails, emails, texts, and social media messages. If your spouse is corresponding with someone else romantically using any device with an iOS then this will help you find out what they’re saying. You can even download deleted data and the recovery process does not leave a trace. If your spouse has Android instead of iOS then there are other computer devices that can be purchased to target that operating system.