Using a stalking app to catch a cheater

stalking app cheaterCatch a cheater

Using a stalking app to catch a cheater

Mobile spyware was created for overbearing parents to keep tabs on their children, but it can also be used to catch a cheater. So-called stalking apps are the perfect piece of tech to catch cheaters. The problem is the ethics of using what is essentially spy-grade tech in order to keep tabs on your significant other. If you suspect your spouse of cheating that’s one thing, but if you’re the kind of person who needs to know every single thing your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend are doing and saying, then you may want to take a look in the mirror. On the other hand if you’re at the point where you think your spouse is cheating, there may be cheaper or less invasive ways of determining that.

Still, if you have your heart set on spy tech, then here are your options.

mSpy for iOS and Android

mSpy is a powerful piece of software and is extremely simple to use. The best part of using mSpy is that it allows you to invade the device without having to jailbreak it (which voids the warranty and constitutes property damage when done without the foreknowledge of the individual). In fact, you don’t even need to install any extraneous software on the device. Activity is simply extracted from iCloud and can be viewed in a web-panel.

If you have the Android version, you can also monitor all keystrokes entered on the device to record chats through popular apps like Skype and WhatsApp.

Geofencing is a popular feature for parents who want to get updates on where their children are going. This feature can be useful to suspicious spouses as well. mSpy will send alerts to your phone whenever your spouse leaves specified “permitted” areas. This data is returned to you in map form, so if the husband or wife is making a pitstop at the motel during their lunch break, then you’ll know about it.

Highster for Android

Highster is the best piece of tech for catching cheaters / monitoring children, available for Android. The best part of of Highster is that it allows you monitor your possibly cheating spouse’s social media updates, including Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and even email messages.

Another useful cheating tech feature is the ability to monitor where the device is at all times. Highster can report back the exact location of the device on a map within the control panel.

Highster offers some NSA quality features. An individual employing Highster to monitor a phone can initiate the phone’s camera in order to take covert pictures of their significant other without their knowledge, and you can even record the pertinent metadata from from incoming and outgoing calls. Photos and videos can be accessed as well as browser history, text messages, and contacts. All the things that Snowden warned you about in one app.

Using tech for catching cheaters

One question you’re going to want to ask yourself is whether or not it’s worth going through all the trouble of catching your spouse or significant other in the act of cheating using an expensive NSA-grade spy appl. If you’re already questioning their fidelity or have reason to believe they’re cheating on you, your best bet is to confront them about it. By the time you’ve made a commitment to wiretapping your mate, the trust that should be there, has already been breached.

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